Licensing TotalSpaces2

Trial Version

You may install TotalSpaces2 and use it in trial mode for 14 days. Then you need to decide to buy it or uninstall it.

The trial may be used with full functionality.

After 14 days it starts showing the unregistered text:

This allows you to evaluate TotalSpaces2’s functionality and decide whether you want to buy it or not.

The license agreement

When you buy a TotalSpaces2 license you get my permission to use the software. Here is the legal code.

You may use your license in either of two ways:

1. one user on multiple computers (as long as you are the only user using TotalSpaces2)
Example: a desktop computer and a personal laptop which are both used exclusively by you
2. multiple users on a single computer
Example: a home computer which is shared by all family members

Free licenses

Check out this page to see if you can get a free license.

Buying a license

Please visit the store where you can purchase TotalSpaces2. It is easy and safe (powered by FastSpring).

TotalSpaces2 updates

When you buy a license you may freely update to all TotalSpaces2 versions within one major OS release. For example by buying TotalSpaces2 today you will get free updates for all versions compatible with Mavericks (OS X 10.9).

A new major OS release (after OS X Mavericks) may require substantial rewrites and intensive testing. I may charge existing users an upgrade fee for a new OS.

TotalSpaces2 and your privacy

TotalSpaces2 does not connect to or communicate over the network. It works perfectly on a computer disconnected from the internet.

There are two cases in which TotalSpaces2 optionally sends data over the network:

  • Sparkle updating system - when checking and downloading a new version.
  • Crash Reporting dialog - when you explicitly click “Send Report…” button. TotalSpaces2 uses the same system as TotalFinder.

TotalSpaces2 reliability

We have tested TotalSpaces2 with our systems and we did our best to make it bug-free and stable. However it may still contain undiscovered bugs or issues.

Also please note that I'm not in control of what Apple does with the operating system in the future. Although unlikely, it may happen that some future update makes it impossible for me to adapt TotalSpaces2 or some of its functionality to a new operating system version. By using this software you accept this risk.
You are using TotalSpaces2 at your own risk. I'm not responsible for anything bad which could possibly happen using this software.