TotalSpaces2 allows you to set hotkeys for going Left, Right, Up and Down in your grid of desktops, and for opening the Overview Grid.

You can also choose to use the center or 3rd button to trigger the grid if you have a 3 button mouse, or even the 4th or 5th buttons if you have those.

And you can set a hotkey to open the Overview Grid and have it switch immediately to Exposé mode.

To change the modifier keys to use with the arrow keys, just click on the symbols. They are, in order, shift, ctrl, option/alt and cmd. Here I have selected shift-ctrl for changing space, and shift-cmd for moving a window and changing space.

If you wish to set custom hotkeys and not use the arrow keys, you can do this by clicking the Arrow keys button, and choosing Custom in the popover dialog.

You can click inside the hotkey recorder to change the hotkey setting.

Here you can use Fn with the arrow keys if you wish.

Some hotkey combinations are already reserved - TotalSpaces will warn you about this if it’s the case, and give you the option to try to force assignment of the hotkey, as some system hotkeys are still marked as reserved by the system even when they are not being used.

You can also set hotkeys for going to a particular space by clicking the spaces in Layout preferences.

You cannot change the Toggle exposé key, it is displayed for information only.

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