30 May 2021
  • IMPROVED Catalina 10.15.7 compatibility.


13 Mar 2021
  • IMPROVED Big Sur 11.3 beta 3 compatibility.


20 Feb 2021
  • IMPROVED Big Sur 11.3 compatibility.


8 Nov 2020
  • NEW Big Sur compatability.
  • NOTE TotalSpaces2 is not compatible with Apple Silicon Macs.


6 May 2020
  • IMPROVED Improved 10.15.5 compatibility.


21 March 2020
  • IMPROVED Improved 10.15.4 compatibility.


9 March 2020
  • FIXED Updated for 10.15.4 compatibility.


5 November 2019
  • FIXED Fixed a crashing issue with multiple monitors when separate spaces is turned off.


5 October 2019
  • FIXED Fixed an issue which prevented the correct permissions being granted by macOS.


9 September 2019
  • IMPROVED TotalSpaces2 is now notarized.


3 September 2019
  • FIXED Fixes for macOS Catalina.
  • FIXED Fixed some API bugs.
  • FIXED Dragging windows to other screens takes note of the cursor position better.


12 March 2019
  • FIXED Fix for beta 5 of macOS 10.14.4.


20 February 2019
  • FIXED Fix for latest beta of macOS 10.14.4.


18 February 2019
  • FIXED Now works with latest betas of macOS 10.14.4.
  • FIXED Errors loading in High Sierra.


12 January 2019
  • IMPROVED Improved stability during loading, should improve ability to load on certain hardware combinations on Mojave.


2 October 2018
  • FIXED Fixed crash of Dock plugin on startup in Mojave experienced by some machines.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the menu bar icon would not show the space number in light mode when reduced transparency is on.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where app names would not show correctly in Apps preferences in Mojave in dark mode.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the menu bar icon would show incorrect space numbers when multiple monitors are being used.


23 September 2018
  • FIXED Fixed crash in Mojave when not using "displays have separate spaces" mode.
  • FIXED Fixed issue where app names would not show in Apps preferences in Mojave.


18 September 2018
  • IMPROVED Better messaging if Dock communication doesn't start correctly.


2 September 2018
  • NEW Notification graphic now supports dark mode.
  • IMPROVED Better messaging about SIP and installation issues.


27 August 2018
  • NEW Support for macOS 10.14 Mojave.


18 March 2018
  • FIXED Mouse location is now correctly found even when using window managers that cause it to be teleported.
  • FIXED Fixed visibility of windows when zooming in and out to the overview grid in 10.13.4.
  • REMOVED The above fix required removing the Whole Grid Zoom option, unfortunately this is no longer available in High Sierra.
  • IMPROVED Hotcorner detection works better now with certain external monitor configurations.


26 February 2018
  • IMPROVED Improved Chinese localisation.
  • FIXED Fix failure to initialise correctly on macOS 10.13.4.


14 December 2017
  • IMPROVED Dragging a space in the overview grid now swaps with the destination rather than reordering the spaces. The old behaviour can be turned on by the command: defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces2 dragSwapsSpacesInGrid -bool NO
  • FIXED Fix crash when moving Chrome windows on earlier versions of OSX.
  • FIXED Fullscreening a video in Safari or other apps could cause the system to incorrectly jump to space 1.


8 November 2017
  • FIXED Windows were not being given focus when brought to the front in macOS 10.13.1. Now they are.


4 October 2017
  • FIXED Overview grid now works again on Sierra when not using "displays have separate spaces" mode.


26 September 2017
  • FIXED Improved handling of desktop in Single desktop Expose.
  • FIXED Fixed crash when not using displays have separate desktops mode.


27 August 2017
  • ALERTThis upgrade requires SIP to be temporarily disabled, see here. TotalSpaces2 cannot run without being able to upgrade its system component. Please make sure you have time to do this before accepting this upgrade. NOTE: If you already have SIP disabled, please just upgrade as normal, this process is not required.
  • NEW Added beta support for MacOS 10.13 High Sierra.
  • FIXED Prevented changing space when Mission Control is active which caused display issues.


20 March 2017
  • NEW TotalSpaces2 can be newly launched with System Integrity Protection fully enabled.
  • FIXED SUFeedURL related crash.
  • FIXED Black screen issues during transitions in Sierra 10.12.4.
  • IMPROVED Improved updater version and security.
  • FIXED Background image rendering in the overview grid when using the Lo res setting.
  • FIXED You can no longer accidentally activate mission control or desktop expose by gestures or hotcorners when using the overview grid.
  • IMPROVED Much better launch time of TotalSpaces2.app after mac has been rebooted.
  • FIXED TotalFinder windows can now be dragged correctly in the overview grid.


21 October 2016
  • NEW Added support for held modifiers with Mouse button triggers.
  • NEW Added support for held modifiers with Hotcorner triggers.
  • NEW Added Mouse trigger for "Single desktop exposé" action.
  • NEW Added "Switch to previous space" action with hotkey, mouse button, and hotcorner triggers.
  • NEW Added a conflict checker when assigning a Mouse button trigger.
  • NEW Added Menu pane to Preferences with a handful of new preferences.
  • NEW Added "Single desktop exposé" and "Instant exposé" to the menu.
  • IMPROVED Improved App and Toolbar icons.
  • IMPROVED Added a handful of helpful labels to the Preferences.
  • IMPROVED Added support for "Single desktop exposé" on OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
  • FIXED Fixed hotkeys not working after first being set.
  • FIXED Fixed "Change space by moving mouse to the edge of the screen" not triggering on the right edge when using a tablet for mouse input.
  • NOTECheckout some screenshots.


1 October 2016
  • FIXED Crash when rearranging Spaces in the overview grid on 10.11 and prior.


27 September 2016
  • FIXED Compatibility with 10.9 and 10.10.


12 September 2016


24 February 2016
  • FIXED It was not possible to select All Spaces in app assignments for apps other than the top one.
  • IMPROVED When items are added in Apps prefs they are assigned to the current space instead of all spaces.


3 December 2015
  • FIXED Overview grid can no longer be triggered if lock screen is showing.
  • NEW For technical users, TotalSpaces2 can be run with SIP enabled by following this procedure.
  • FIXED Spaces in the installation path of TotalSpaces2 no longer confuse the license manager.


22 September 2015
  • FIXED Rare bug causing space switch commands from the keyboard to be ignored.


16 September 2015
  • NEW El Capitan compatibility (WARNING: only with SIP setting modified; see here for more details)
  • NEW Allow numeric keypad keys to be set as hotkeys without modifier keys.
  • NEW Permit ESC and DELETE keys with modifiers as hotkeys.
  • FIXED Do not alert about hotkey being in use if system hotkey is defined but disabled.
  • NEW Command line preference to turn on old style notification graphic. defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces2 oldStyleNotification -bool YES
  • FIXED Improve trackpad handling, should fix rare method cache corrupt crashes.


19 April 2015
  • FIXED Some small memory leaks.
  • IMPROVED Less chance that grid will become briefly visible before zoom to grid animation starts.
  • FIXED Single desktop exposé resets correctly now if you change desktop quickly after activating it.


28 February 2015
  • NEW Option to disable notification graphic animations.
  • NEW API to move arbitary windows to new positions.
  • FIXED Unintended effects when changing space whilst single desktop exposé was showing.


10 January 2015
  • NEW Spiffy new space change notification graphic with animation.
  • NEW Single desktop exposé mode (Yosemite only).
  • IMPROVED Better layout of windows when using exposé.
  • IMPROVED TotalSpaces2 now warns you if spaces cannot be added because they exceed the system limits (approx 16).
  • FIXED Possible crash when unplugging a display.
  • IMPROVED Better synchronisation with TotalSpaces2 API clients when adding and removing spaces.
  • FIXED Issue where hotkeys may not be registered correctly if the layout had changed.
  • NEW Danish translation.
  • IMPROVED Reduced the chance of spurious space changes when changing space quickly using the slide transition.
  • REMOVED Removed growl support due to some instability. Use the API instead.


1 October 2014
  • IMPROVED Full compatability with OSX Yosemite (GM).
  • FIXED Notification graphic now dismisses correctly when Sticky Keys is on.
  • IMPROVED Layout of preferences in other languages than English.
  • IMPROVED Fixed some German translations.
  • FIXED Fixed possible crash in app preferences.
  • FIXED Corrected background of dashboard space under Yosemite in the overview grid.
  • IMPROVED TotalSpaces2 is now packaged in a dmg and no longer needs to run the installer each time it is updated.
  • IMPROVED Better prevention of switchbacks caused by slow to activate apps.
  • FIXED System generated space changes are now reported to apps that use the API.


1 August 2014
  • NEW Option to lock grid switching together when using multiple monitors.
  • NEW New defaults setting to turn off icons in the grid. defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces2 hideSpaceIcons -bool YES.
  • FIXED Incorrect positioning of windows after dragging between screens.
  • FIXED It was possible that TotalSpaces2 would ignore newly plugged in screens.
  • FIXED Mouse-edge space switches can no longer be triggered when the screen is locked.
  • NEW Yosemite compatibility, see here for discussion.
  • NEW New defaults setting for swipes/hotkeys to change the active screen rather than the one with the mouse in. defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces2 useActiveScreenForSwitching -bool YES
  • NEW Adds hjkl keys for navigation in the overview grid for vim users.
  • FIXED Issue where trackpad/swiping could work incorrectly when the lid was closed.
  • NEW Italian translation.
  • IMPROVED Corrections to Chinese translation.


29 April 2014
  • FIXED Possible failure to connect with Dock on startup again, properly this time.


27 April 2014
  • FIXED Bug where MS Office windows did not move between spaces correctly.
  • FIXED Possible but rare deadlock when exiting the grid.
  • FIXED Possible failure to connect with Dock on startup.
  • FIXED Bug where windows with a null name would not be returned in window_list API call.


18 April 2014
  • FIXED Hotcorners are no longer triggered when chinese/japanese character recognition is active.
  • IMPROVED Better recovery from error conditions that could happen during startup.
  • NEW Additional API calls to move spaces between displays and get space uuids.


10 April 2014
  • FIXED Prevention of 5 finger fluid space change gestures when 4 finger swiping enabled.
  • FIXED API window_list call no longer omits certain windows after changing space via the overview grid.


15 March 2014
  • IMPROVED When the status bar hidden setting is on, re-launching the application now just shows the preferences rather than changing the setting.
  • IMPROVED Retina graphics for preferences tab icons. Better late than never.
  • NEW Ability to set the front window has been added to the API.


23 February 2014
  • IMPROVED Windows will adjust their position automatically if you drag them slightly too high in the overview grid.
  • NEW You can now assign a mouse button to instant exposé.


10 February 2014
  • IMPROVED Cmd-Q no longer quits TotalSpaces when the preferences or about dialog is showing.
  • NEW Individual space hotkeys are now shown in the menu.
  • NEW TotalSpaces2 API is now available. See the ruby bindings.


8 January 2014
  • FIXED Activating the overview grid via a top hotcorner in fullscreen mode no longer causes the grid to immediately cancel.
  • IMPROVED Minor additions to Chinese translations.


7 January 2014
  • FIXED Windows no longer disappear from the overview grid when the desktop background changes if spaces spans displays mode is turned on.


5 January 2014
  • FIXED Changing dock defaults plus restarting Dock.app should no longer confuse TotalSpaces2.
  • FIXED You can no longer swipe between desktops whilst the screen is locked.
  • NEW Compatability with Mavericks 10.9.2.
  • FIXED Moving Word windows using the Move window hotkey now works better.
  • IMPROVED It is no longer possible to add an arbitary number of rows in layout preferences.
  • FIXED Possible hang in Dock due to deadlock when rendering application icons in the overview grid.
  • IMPROVED Should TotalSpaces notice that Dock appears to be hung it will recover by restarting it.
  • NEW Option to include pre-releases of TotalSpacecs2 in your auto-updates.
  • NEW Adds Chinese mandarin and Taiwanese localizations.
  • NEW Command line setting to only recognise space change hotkeys if the modifier keys on the right side of the keyboard are used. defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces2 rightSideDirectionModifierKeysOnly YES